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bringoldoutlookbacktolife Bring old Outlook back to life

Bring old Outlook back to life

Although Outlook (older versions) is quite popular, it is generally forgotten and outdated. It simply isn’t used anymore, and there’s no reason to use it. Microsoft itself has moved on to more modern software. The most challenging combination that exists is Microsoft Office 2010 (and older) with an older operating system that is not Windows […]

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howtosendmassemail How to send a mass email?

How to send a mass email?

Mass email or marketing email (spam) can be sent using services that allow bulk emailing. Keep in mind that spam is also prohibited by law. Spam is an unwanted email message that aims to advertise a product or service. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will use the site:, which allows us to

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stopspam Mass email or Spam

Mass email or Spam

What is mass email or spam? Mass email or spam is a single email message sent to more than one email address. This means that if you send an email with the same content to multiple email addresses, it already falls under the category of mass email or spam. Why is it forbidden? It is

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