Through socially responsible operations, HostGistic achieves a balance between economic and social interests, open to everyone with a high level of awareness and commitment in its performance on the market.

We give preference to projects involving children and young people, environmental protection, art, sports and a healthy life, as well as projects in which we recognize the same values that we value ourselves. When choosing the projects that we will sponsor with web hosting, priority will be given to those that are in line with the company’s business strategy and that stand out for their quality, uniqueness and usefulness for the wider social community.

The inquiry must be sent at least 60 days before the scheduled date of the event or the start of the project for which sponsorship is requested, to the email address [email protected]. If you are able, please also attach the following documentation:

Detailed description of the idea/project/programme:

  • a description of the experience, achievements and ability of the organization to implement the project/idea
  • goals to be achieved by the implementation of the proposed project
  • schedule
  • expected results
  • a description of how the evaluation and measurement of results will be carried out

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