Framework hosting

A framework is a software solution that helps you program complex things faster, better, and easier. It contains a set of classes that work according to predefined rules, and by using these classes, you don’t have to create a large part of things, but simply use them as a convenience for your project.

laravel Framework Hosting


A popular, fast, and flawless web framework for your PHP application.

symfony Framework Hosting


A high-performance framework focused on maximizing code utilization.

codeigniter Framework Hosting


An undemanding framework designed for accelerated application development.

yii Framework Hosting


Yii is based on components and designed for accelerated application development. It focuses on utilizing code that has already been written, which contributes to a very high processing speed of the application.

bootstrap Framework Hosting


Bootstrap is a front-end framework focused on creating a website that is adaptable for all devices. To use this framework, basic knowledge of CSS and HTML is required.

cakephp Framework Hosting


CakePHP is created to maximize the speed of application development. In addition to promoting fast application development, CakePHP also allows for easy use and maintenance of existing applications.

smarty Framework Hosting


Smarty is a PHP template framework that allows for a logical presentation of HTML-CSS. It is not designed as a replacement for PHP, but rather as an addition to the PHP programming language.

uikit Framework Hosting


UIkit is designed for creating high-performance applications. It contains a collection of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS components that allow you to easily create accessible and adaptable applications.

fuelphp Framework Hosting


FuelPHP is a flexible and intuitive PHP framework. It uses all the tried and tested features and modules from the biggest and most popular frameworks to provide a powerful and easy-to-use tool for creating applications.

htmlpurifier Framework Hosting

HTML Purifier

HTML is most commonly used as a tool for removing XSS from applications. It uses what is known instead of an outdated list of what is not allowed, so you know what is correct.

webasyst Framework Hosting


It enables the development of powerful websites and applications. It is an excellent framework for development, both for teams and business solutions.

prado Framework Hosting


Prado PHP framework is excellent for the entire environment and work on PHP projects.

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