Backup included

HostGistic provides all its clients with a free backup of their account on a remote location. This ensures that no matter what happens to your account, your data is safe. Although nothing in the world is entirely secure, this approach allows us to come pretty close to perfection.

Regular backup

Regular backup, although it may sound less important, is like any other type of insurance. If you don’t have it when you need it, it’s too late to buy it. Therefore, we provide all our clients with free backup.

backup 1 Backup
remotelocation Backup

Remote location

When it comes to data storage and security, we don’t compromise and want to be maximally sure that we even take care not to have backup servers located in the same data center as the main servers.

Daily backup

Daily backup is also available. For all business clients who want a daily backup and to further website security, they can make an additional payment when purchasing. The price of daily backup depends on the package and you can see it as soon as you click on Order on the desired hosting package.

Premium software

Here, as with other features, we use premium backup software to ensure that each file is securely transferred to a safe location and also to enable you to restore your entire account with just one click.

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