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CMS hosting is the best place for your website. We have AutoInstaller and a large number of ready-to-use CMS. CMS is a software solution that helps to quickly create your website. Each CMS has add-ons that extend the capabilities of the base CMS. You can also change the appearance of your site in a much easier way with just a few clicks.

wordpress CMS Hosting

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is probably one of the easiest and most powerful platforms for both blogs and online stores or presentations, all types of sites.

joomla CMS Hosting

Joomla Hosting

Joomla is a mobile-ready and open source cms solution. A very popular CMS that comes with a lot of plugins that allow you to create a site as you wish.

drupal CMS Hosting

Drupal Hosting

Drupal is a free software that allows you to easily organize, edit and publish content on your site without any restrictions and with ease.

atlantiscms CMS Hosting

Atlantis Hosting

Atlantis CMS is an open source software that you can easily install to create modern websites, blogs, forums or organizations.

b2evolution CMS Hosting

B2evolution Hosting

b2evolution is an advanced web blogging tool that allows you to create your own personal blog, newsfeeds or even a photo stream.

bludit CMS Hosting

Bludit Hosting

Bludit is a simple web application that allows you to create your blog in one second, it is completely free and open source. Bludit uses plain text files in JSON format which allows you to store your pages and posts so no database is needed.

bolt CMS Hosting

Bolt Hosting

Bolt strives to be "Simple for editors and a dream for web developers" created as user-friendly as possible. It enables the creation of content and the creation of websites with elegant ready-made templates.

cmsimple CMS Hosting

CMSimple Hosting

CMSimple is a simple editing system. It does not require a database because it places all files in plain text files.

cmsmadesimple CMS Hosting

CMS Made Simple Hosting

CMS Made Simple enables professional website development and content control, equally professional whether for small websites or large corporations.

composr CMS Hosting

Composr Hosting

Composr is a very flexible CMS with advanced options for social networks, interaction and dynamic functionality.

concrate5 CMS Hosting

Concrete5 Hosting

Concrete5 makes using the site very simple. You go to any page on your site and you will find an option that will offer you various options to change the page. No tangles, simple creation of articles and pages.

contao CMS Hosting

Contao Hosting

Widely known as TYPOlight, Contao is a built-in cms for medium or larger sites. Contao is designed for users who want to make a professional appearance on the Internet scene.

cszcms CMS Hosting

CSZ CMS Hosting

CSZ CMS is an open source web application that allows changing the entire content on the site as well as a sufficient number of site settings. CSZ CMS is based on Codeigniter and the design and structure is inspired by Bootstrap, which will provide you with a complete responsive solution for all devices.

directus CMS Hosting

Directus Hosting

Directus is an API framework that enables easy integration with your database. It is best used for connecting to larger applications, web applications for data manipulation.

dotclear CMS Hosting

Dotclear Hosting

Dotclear is an open-source web application created in 2002 by Olivier Meunier. In the beginning, it was a one-person project, where it quickly expanded and was reinforced by other developers who participated in its development.

e107 CMS Hosting

E107 Hosting

e107 is a highly efficient cms designed for bootstrap.

fork CMS Hosting

Fork Hosting

Fork is a CMS designed to provide you with the easiest possible solution for editing, creating and controlling your site. Fork is a popular cms choice for both beginners and professionals.

geeklog CMS Hosting

Geeklog Hosting

Geeklog is based on security that will protect your site as much as possible. It can be used for a variety of projects.

CMS Hosting

GenixCMS Hosting

GeniXCMS is a user-friendly cms that takes up very little space. It is ideal for PHP developers who have an advanced level of knowledge.

grav CMS Hosting

Grav Hosting

Grav is a high-performance CMS that uses text files to host content. Grav comes with one-click extensions and themes that you can upgrade and modify your CMS.

impresscms CMS Hosting

ImpressCMS Hosting

ImpressCMS is a community CMS that enables easy site creation and maintenance. It is focused on security and simple administration.

jamroom CMS Hosting

Jamroom Hosting

GeniXCMS is a user-friendly cms that takes up very little space. It is ideal for PHP developers who have nJamroom is a community CMS. It allows you to easily get members who, together with you, create a new online community. more advanced level of knowledge.

kirby CMS Hosting

Kirby Hosting

Kirby is a baseless cms and very easy to use. It allows very easy posting of a wide range of content online.

koken CMS Hosting

Koken Hosting

Koken is a CMS designed for designers and photographers. Koken makes it easy to display content from Flickr, Instagram or Vimeo.

lepton CMS Hosting

LEPTON Hosting

Lepton is easy to use and can be completely modified with ease, the content itself is easily changed and edited with the help of the WYSIWYG editor.

maharacms CMS Hosting

Mahara Hosting

Mahara je prepun opcija i dizajnerskih rešenja koja će vam omogućiti da kreirate svoj internet portfolio. Jednostavno pisanje članaka, embed socijalnih mreža i sadržaja.

CMS Hosting

Modx Hosting

MODX makes it easier for you to control and use online content. MODX is an open source framework and allows you to easily create a site that is 100% yours.

octobercms CMS Hosting

OctoberCMS Hosting

OctoberCMS is based on the Laravel framework. It controls the complete javascript, html, and css for you. Excellent and modern, it uses the best of the framework, but also requires knowledge of php programming.

openrealestate CMS Hosting

Open Real Estate Hosting

Open Real Estate allows you to create and start earning by advertising your real estate agency. Easy to use, very fast to load and has a sufficient number of plugins that allow easy modification and upgrading of the site.

pagekit CMS Hosting

Pagekit Hosting

Pagekit is an easy-to-use, flexible and highly customizable cms.Pagekit has a design that will allow you to easily create an attractive site that will look equally beautiful on every visitor's device.

phpfusion CMS Hosting

PHP-Fusion Hosting

PHP-Fusion is a simple CMS that enables simple and easy creation of complex websites. There are enough plugins that will make it easy to manage and upgrade the site.

phpwcms CMS Hosting


phpwcms is developer friendly very fast and easy to use.

pimcore CMS Hosting

Pimcore Hosting

Pimcore is based on the Zend Framework. Pimcore allows you to create business websites and online stores that are very demanding and large because it is backed by one of the most popular frameworks.

pluck CMS Hosting

Pluck Hosting

Pluck is one of the smallest CMS solutions that, with its plugins, allow you to use it easily without having to know any programming language.

CMS Hosting

PluXml Hosting

PluXml is a small, cms that uses files to store data. As a user of this cms, you will easily manage a large number of plugins and themes in order to completely customize the site to your wishes.

pubvana CMS Hosting

Pubvana Hosting

Made to be the simplest, it guides you through the creation of the site itself, where everything is intuitive for smaller blog sites or smaller business sites.

quickcms CMS Hosting

Quick.CMS Hosting

Quick.CMS was created as a cms that will allow you to use it easily but equally powerful and capable of creating various types of sites from small to large business sites.

CMS Hosting


Schlix is a CMS that allows you to create powerful and easy-to-modify websites. It has a built-in tool that makes it easy to control and edit multiple sites.

serendiptity CMS Hosting

Serendipity Hosting

Serendipity is a PHP cms blog application that allows easy editing and maintenance of an online journal.

silverstripe CMS Hosting

SilverStripe Hosting

SilverStripe is a CMS that is popular with both editors and developers, it has a sufficient number of options and tools that will allow you to make any changes.

sitemagiccms CMS Hosting

Sitemagic CMS Hosting

Sitemagic CMS is a modern CMS that allows you to create competitive sites with a built-in editor. Easy layout and layout changes with one click.

subrion CMS Hosting

Subrion Hosting

Subrion is a highly adaptable and extensible CMS that has the special feature of being able to use it to create the largest range of sites.

CMS Hosting

TextPattern Hosting

Textpattern is a web application designed to allow easy creation and publication on the site.

tikiwikicmsgroupware CMS Hosting

Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware Hosting

Tiki is a CMS/Groupware that provides a large number of features but is also difficult to handle even for experienced users or administrators. It is possible to fully extend and modify it with a good knowledge of the php programming language.

type3 CMS Hosting

Typo3 Hosting

TYPO3 is a user-friendly CMS designed for sites of all types. It offers premium plugins but is free and open source.

wbcecms CMS Hosting

WBCE Hosting

WBCE is designed to allow the user to completely customize the site to their liking. It is designed to be so simple that even inexperienced users can easily use it.

wondercms CMS Hosting

WonderCMS Hosting

WonderCMS uses files to store data. Made with the idea of being very fast and reliable but also easy to use.

CMS Hosting

Xoops Hosting

Xoops is object-oriented and allows you to easily create community sites. It can be easily upgraded with modules that are activated with one click from the client panel.

zenario CMS Hosting

Zenario Hosting

Zenario is a cms that allows you to create any site with a great functional admin panel. Zenario will evolve and grow with your site and follow your needs.

zikula CMS Hosting

Zikula Hosting

Zikula is a cms designed for sites of all sizes, from small presentation sites to large business sites. It includes many plugins such as Bootstrap, Symfony and jQuery.

zsite CMS Hosting

Zsite Hosting

Zsite js CMS which includes a sufficient number of plugins such as posts, products, forms, blogs and much more.

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