Learn how to use cPanel as a boss. Easy and short tutorials how to add email account, install worpress or change DNS records.

cagefsusingtoomuchspace .CageFS using too much space

.CageFS using too much space

CageFS is part of CloudLinux. And in every cPanel account, among the “hidden” folders, there is also a .cagefs folder that is used to store temporary files. This may seem like a problem if you notice that your account is running out of space even though the site is only 200mb, for example. Temporary files are created […]

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hotlinkprotection 1 Control of website traffic

Control of website traffic

Although traffic is unlimited or not a problem nowadays due to various site optimizations and the possibility of increased traffic, it can still be an issue for a website. One of the main problems, even though it is unlimited, is quite simple: it means that something is not working or that someone is abusing your

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changephpversion Change PHP Version

Change PHP Version

Using the latest PHP version has many advantages. The most important of all are: speed and security. Each new PHP version uses significantly less code, and the existing code is optimized, making the site much faster without any changes, just by using a newer PHP version. This can be noticed the most when switching from

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restorefullaccontorpartial Restore Full Account or partial

Restore Full Account or partial

Manual Backup and Restore Restore is limited to 4 times in 30 days. If you want to restore files and there are more than 3, you need to download your account backup by clicking on “generate download” and manually upload the files via File Manager, otherwise you will hit the limit. Automatic account restore First,

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createnodejsapp Creating a NodeJS application

Creating a NodeJS application

In cPanel, if you have the appropriate package, you will easily find the NodeJs option for creating an application with one click. In this tutorial, we will go through the entire process of creating an application and launching it. Variables that we will use here that you need to change with your parameters are: The

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