HostGistic uses new, tested, and continuously monitored servers. Each server is located in a data center with both physical and mechanical security measures in place. As data is of utmost importance, regular backups are made on a separate server. The server hosting the accounts uses two NVMe SSDs so that if one fails, the server can continue to operate smoothly and without interruption or loss of data.

Power supply

Power supply of a server is equally important as any other segment. Without power supply, a server cannot function. Therefore, every server has dual power supply so if one stops working, the other one can continue to work. In addition to that power supply within the server, there are also backup power supplies in case of power outage, and generators for longer interruptions of electric energy to ensure everything keeps functioning.

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Internet connection

Although internet connection is considered as a given, having a stable and constant internet connection on a server is not at all easy to achieve. Besides a stable internet connection, the minimum speed is also important. This is achieved by using multiple providers so that in any case or interruption, it would not affect the server.


In addition to everything mentioned, nothing would matter without quality hardware because it is the heart of the operation. This also means great uptime. Although we guarantee 99.9% uptime, our actual uptime is 100%. We guarantee less because, like everything in the world, nothing is 100% certain, and we leave that 0.1% room just in case something goes wrong.

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What else?

What sets us apart from the competition is that we don’t skimp on servers. It is our main criterion when it comes to selection. “Quality before everything else”  is our motto, so anything that can directly or indirectly reduce the quality of hosting and thus slow down server performance is not considered by us. In addition to these things that are taken for granted with us, we also have other solutions such as software solutions to ensure maximum security and reliability in line with global standards.

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