How to setup LiteSpeed plugin to maximize your website speed to the 100 on google pagespeed insighnt.

litespeeddebug LiteSpeed Toolbox - Debug

LiteSpeed Toolbox – Debug

With these options, you can find out if something is not working. Disable All Features: will disable all optimization options. Debug Log: Displays the WordPress log. If you choose Admin IP only, you need to enter the admin IP address so that the errors are displayed to the person with that IP address, i.e., the

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LiteSpeed Toolbox Purge LiteSpeed Toolbox - Purge

LiteSpeed Toolbox – Purge

With this option, you can delete the already created cache for pages. You can also delete the cache at the bottom by category, page ID, tag, or specify a URL for which you are deleting the cache. If you are changing some options regarding caching, you need to click on Purge ALL for the new

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LiteSpeed Crawler LiteSpeed Crawler

LiteSpeed Crawler

Crawler is a bot that moves around your website and refreshes pages to create cached pages before a visitor does it. If the first visitor visits your page, they initiate caching, and the page loads a bit slower for them, but for every subsequent visitor, the cached version loads quickly. Crawler allows the cache to

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LiteSpeed Database LiteSpeed Database

LiteSpeed Database

As you can see, some fields have an x and some have a checkmark. Clean ALL: will clean all tables completely except for Optimize Tables and Clean CSS/JS Optimizer. Post Revisions: Deletes all old post versions that unnecessarily take up space. When you enter text and change the content, WordPress saves each of your changes.

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