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ja hostgistic About us

Beginning as a freelancer with over 10 years of programming experience, our journey led us to establish our company in Serbia in 2014. Since then, our client base has grown steadily as we sought out the world’s top hosting providers in search of quality service. However, we faced numerous challenges, including slow loading times, unreliable support, and uptime issues that persist today. As we developed websites, our clients held us accountable for their sites’ accessibility, as we had chosen the hosting.

Driven by our passion for better service, we decided to launch our own server. The improved speed and availability delighted our clients, inspiring us to expand our hosting services further. Following an overwhelming response and positive feedback, we officially entered the hosting industry. Today, our core strengths lie in providing exceptional service, fast and accessible servers, and a loyal client base that discovers us through recommendations.

Our confidence in being the best at what we do stems not from self-promotion, but from the testimonials of our satisfied clients who express their gratitude daily through LiveChat.

Our support team’s main advantage is their extensive programming experience, with over a decade in the field and hundreds of completed websites under their belt. They understand every aspect of the process and can quickly identify potential issues.

We take pride in being the first to introduce LiveChat support, which was met with great enthusiasm from clients and competitors alike, who eagerly followed suit. As a company that fosters healthy competition, we are committed to helping everyone progress and grow together.

We invite you to experience our quality firsthand by taking advantage of our trial period. See for yourself that our excellence goes beyond mere marketing claims.

Why choose us?

At our core, we go beyond simply providing hosting services. We are committed to offering everyone the opportunity to establish their website at an affordable price, while delivering unparalleled support tailored to each individual’s technical expertise. What sets us apart from the competition is our personal approach and dedication to customer care.

While our contributions may not be revolutionary, they certainly outpace our competitors. We pioneered LiveChat support and were among the first to introduce RailGun, enabling lightning-fast website loading. We also stand alone in offering a package tailored to the most basic websites and email needs. In terms of security, we employ premium solutions like Imunify, and we were quick to implement DNSSEC for domains shortly after its release. Choose us for an exceptional hosting experience that truly stands out from the rest.

What do we do?

We empower individuals and small businesses by providing them with the opportunity to showcase their talents, products, and visions on a global scale. In essence, we help bring their unique stories to life and contribute to their happiness and success.

Our clients benefit from our commitment to continuous learning and growth. We offer personalized support, replacing automated responses with genuine human interaction. Our dedicated team is always ready to provide valuable advice and assistance whenever you need it, ensuring a remarkable and supportive experience with us.

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