Having a high server uptime is crucial in any business, regardless of the industry. Just like how you would want your physical store to be open as much as possible, you would also want your website to be available to its visitors as much as possible. We have become very good at achieving 100% uptime for our servers.


Uptime is one of the most important things. Studies show that uptime is even more important to users than loading speed. Therefore, in addition to our focus on speed, we also prioritize uptime, which we achieve almost every year at 100%. We achieve high uptime with dual SSDs that are written in parallel, regular updates, and the use of special software that enables software uptime without any restarts. Since overselling is prohibited, even server restarts take only 2.5 minutes.

uptime Uptime
dijamant Uptime

Premium Software

By using stable software versions, we enable our clients to run every application on our servers without any errors or bugs. And by using premium software, we ensure maximum availability and speed.

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