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builderorgutenberg Page Builder or Gutenberg

Page Builder or Gutenberg

Page Builder is a plugin/add-on that allows easier creation of content on the page and visually. The most popular of all is Elementor. Gutenberg is a built-in page editor in WordPress itself. What is better? The word better is not really the best use here because every better has its good and bad points. In this text we […]

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cpanelorgoogle cPanel Email or Google WorkSpace?

cPanel Email or Google WorkSpace?

Choosing the right email solution for your custom domain is an important decision that can impact your business’s communication efficiency and professionalism. Two popular options are cPanel email, which comes with most web hosting plans, and Gmail Workspace (formerly known as G Suite), a premium service provided by Google. In this article, we will discuss

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5 Things That 5G Will Enable 5 Things That 5G Will Enable

5 Things That 5G Will Enable

5G is expected to be 100 times faster than current wireless connections, even faster than Google Fiber. Such high-speed connections and fast response times bring new possibilities. Unfortunately, the development and rollout won’t happen before 2018. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t think about what could happen when 5G finally arrives. Here are some things

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newspeedrecord New Speed Record

New Speed Record

A new data transfer speed record has been set by University College London, reaching 1.125 terabytes per second. Of course, this has all been achieved under laboratory conditions with special cables and modems that are still under development. However, new challenges arise, as the university points out that today’s computers cannot fully utilize this potential

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googlequantum Google's Quantum Computer

Google’s Quantum Computer

Unless you have a quantum computer at home, there is a high probability that Google and NASA’s quantum “offspring” would completely outperform your home PC. Google and NASA announced at a recent conference at the Ames Research Center that their D-Wave quantum computer, which they jointly purchased in 2013, is proven to be 100 million

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