Mass email or Spam

What is mass email or spam?

Mass email or spam is a single email message sent to more than one email address. This means that if you send an email with the same content to multiple email addresses, it already falls under the category of mass email or spam.

Why is it forbidden?

It is forbidden for the simple reason of protecting the server (the hosting through which you send emails) from ending up on a blacklist.

There are tools in the world that have lists of hostings and monitor their reputation. For example, when you send the same message to multiple email addresses, each hosting informs these tools that they have received an email from that hosting. If the same email with the same content is sent, they report it as spam and add it as a notification. When a certain number of these “reports” accumulate, the hosting is placed on a blacklist, and even regular emails cannot be received by the recipients because the hosting has ended up on the blacklist.

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The first step is to send an email.
The second step is for the hosting where you sent the email to check if your hosting is on the blacklist. If it is not, it accepts the email; if it is, it deletes the email. The third step is to send statistics, as shown in the picture, if available.

To remove hosting from the blacklist sometimes takes two days, but sometimes it can take several months. As long as the hosting is on the blacklist, it is virtually unusable for emails.

A little comparison: Therefore, all providers have an email limit, even Google Gmail has a limit of 2,500 emails per day, although you can pay more then $100 per year (to use your domain in Gmail) for one email address, while ordinary hosting costs about $27 for an entire year plus a website.

You can check if your hosting is on the blacklist here:

But I only send to known email addresses… just to my clients

As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t matter whether you send to known or unknown recipients; statistics are calculated, numbers are added up, and then it is declared as spam and ends up on the blacklist.

I won’t send a lot, just to 100 email addresses…

This may seem small and seemingly not a problem. But imagine the following situation with those 100 email addresses.

Let’s say 20 email addresses are on, and the rest are on different domains of your partners or clients (and let’s say several of them use the same hosting). In that case, the same content email is sent to 20 different email addresses, and then Google records that spam has arrived at 20 different email addresses. Then, for example, another 50 email addresses arrive at different hostings that, like Google, also reported the same, and that’s just from your account. Then another client says they also have only 100 emails to send, and this way, a considerable number of recorded spam emails are collected, and that’s where the problem arises.

I don’t send spam, just information about working hours or holiday greetings

As mentioned in the first sentence and explained later, the same content sent to multiple email addresses is spam or mass email.

How do I send it then?

The situation here is pretty simple; there are websites that allow this precisely because it is a global problem. Some are free up to, for example, 2,000 email addresses; some have higher, some lower limits.

The most famous is Mailchimp, but it no longer has free packages.

Here are a few others: up to 300 daily emails up to 12000 emails by month, 1000 email address unlimited monthly emails, 1000 email address

This is just the most famous. On google you can find more.

How to send a mass email?
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