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Affordable and fast site development. Within the agreed time period, which is on average 2 weeks, your site will be ready for the public. It is also possible to redesign the site you already own.

WebHosting and Đorđe Bojković have more than 10 years of experience in creating websites. The beginnings were as freelancers on the local market, then on the foreign market, and with a larger number of clients, we also started hosting. It gave a new level of knowledge and experience at all levels not only in terms of creating websites but also in terms of security and far more knowledge in all fields. As you probably noticed, our site is the first on the Google search engine for web hosting in Serbia, which was the goal and excellent knowledge of SEO techniques. The site on which you are reading this is WordPress, and the client panel is built on Laravel.

lararavelframework WebSite development

Laravel framework is one of the most popular in our region. In addition to enabling faster development, it is also more secure than any CMS.

Laravel provides unlimited possibilities, in fact it is a tool that helps a developer to create a web application faster and better. Everything else depends on the technology itself and the developer’s capabilities.

wordpresss WebSite development

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS solutions.

He got his popularity because he can do everything with a click. It has a huge number of themes that allow easy arrangement and creation of the site. Countless plugins and other additions that make work easier and improve the site. And just writing articles and texts is as simple as using a word document.

What do I need?

First let’s compare what is the difference between these two choices.

Laravel is a framework, it doesn’t have anything done like wordpress, therefore everything has to be done, ie the developer has to do it all, including user registration and the administrative part for setting up and editing pages/articles, literally everything. WordPress has it all right after installation and you get it all ready in 2 seconds. Laravel is incomparably faster compared to WordPress, incomparably safer compared to WordPress, but therefore far more expensive to build than on WordPress.
The price of an ordinary site on WordPress is from 200 euros and more. The price of an ordinary site on Laravel is 1000 euros and more.

The price is so different because As mentioned that creating a site on WordPress in most cases (even a store) consists of choosing themes (ready-made) and plugins (ready-made) and making it all fit and set up nicely. Whereas for Laravel there is almost nothing ready-made and everything has to be created from scratch. A WordPress site can be ready in a day, while Laravel can take a couple of weeks.

Laravel or WordPress?

Answer through a couple of questions:

Do you need a presentation site for your company? – WordPress
Do you need a store for up to a few thousand products and you have a smaller budget? – WordPress
Do you need a store that is highly reliable and secure for more visits and more items? – Laravel
Do you need a special kind of web tool that is not a presentation site or a blog or a store? – Laravel

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