Site optimization

By optimizing the site, you achieve that your site loads faster and thus your visitors get what they want and you enable them to use your site in a pleasant way.
Speed matters Sites slower than 5 seconds lose as much as 60% of their visitors.

Speed up your website

What does optimization include?

The first step towards a faster site is the analysis of the site itself, where data is obtained on what needs to be optimized. Every site is different and some require less and some more work.

The next thing after analysis is image optimization (in 99% of cases images are the biggest problem)

After optimizing the images, the site code itself is optimized and the number of plugins is reduced if that is a problem. This is especially true for mobile devices.

optimizacija1 WebSite Optimization
optimizacija2 WebSite Optimization

Is there a guarantee?

The results are immediately visible. Literally with every step during the optimization the result is immediately visible.

For measurement, we also use the well-known gtmetrix site, which you can use to check the optimization process.

At the end of the optimization, the site will be optimized, which means that it will load much faster.

What is the optimization process?

The optimization process itself comes down to analyzing your site and what needs to be done. First of all, a regular update is necessary. The site is not offline during site optimization and is always available. If there is a problem on the site, it is first necessary to remove it and then proceed to optimization. If a large number of supplements is a problem, reduction is necessary if possible. Then installing some plugin for site optimization and setting them up.

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