Fast Web Hosting

Fast Web Hosting is a serious task for every administrator and it is not easy to achieve. What we do exactly is invest in the speed and quality of our servers in order to achieve maximum loading speeds of websites. We have achieved that the speed of websites on our servers can be compared with all major world hosting providers. The thing most responsible for that is the premium software we use, and that is LiteSpeed web server.

  • The latest technology

    NVMe SSDs are included in all of our offers. It enables the reduction of server resources and increases the loading speed due to its use of HTTP version 2. The basic offer includes the latest version of PHP to enable maximum utilization of CMS systems and significantly accelerates website loading. In addition, a free CDN is included with every package, as well as LiteSpeed.

  • Branded servers

    Each server has an Intel Xeon CPU that is unrivaled in terms of performance under heavy load. In addition to that, an SSD and more than enough RAM memory, it ensures that the server runs without any hiccups.

  • Overselling is prohibited

    Overselling is prohibited, period. Overselling (placing too many clients on a server that cannot handle that number of files and traffic) is one of the serious problems of today. Many large companies engage in overselling to maximize their profits. They have a brand name and allow themselves to have poor quality. We have decided from the very beginning of our work to simply not go in that direction, and instead to focus exclusively on quality without compromise.

Free CDN

With the LiteSpeed web server, we offer a free CDN that helps distribute the load of your website and makes it faster. You have access to CDN, which optimizes your images and can also be used for storage.

Free Cache

With every package, we offer Redis, Memcached, and a LiteSpeed plugin that speeds up your site to the maximum. Compared to all other add-ons, it is the only one that has comprehensive support with all possible options that significantly contribute to the speed of your site.

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