LiteSpeed Toolbox – Debug

litespeed65 LiteSpeed Toolbox - Debug

With these options, you can find out if something is not working.

Disable All Features: will disable all optimization options.

Debug Log: Displays the WordPress log. If you choose Admin IP only, you need to enter the admin IP address so that the errors are displayed to the person with that IP address, i.e., the administrator.

Debug Level: Choose how detailed the debug log will be.

Log File Size Limit: this prevents the log file from becoming huge and taking up too much space.

Log Cookies: logging the cookies used

Collapse Query Strings: prikazuje skraćene parametre kako bi se lakše čitalo

Debug URI Includes: Debug works for these entered pages.

Debug URI Excludes: Isključejete stranice URL za koje radite debug.

The next option is log view, where you can see the created log.

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