check and edit orders How to check orders

How to check orders

In order to check the orders on the website, go to our store, then to the pen of our store and then the option to check orders. After that, the order list will open. If you have only completed orders selected, then you can change pending orders or see all orders as in the picture […]

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new page builder cover Create new pages

Create new pages

Adding a new page in the site builder is pretty simple as are most things that are changed and added. We enter our site and then on the left side we will see our existing pages and the Edit button. Now we will be shown the current pages and we have a button to add

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addnewmenuitem Modify Menu Items

Modify Menu Items

Adding a new item/page to the menu, as well as deleting and editing, is described in this article. First, we access our website and then click on the menu where the options will appear. The menu options are marked with a blue square. Here, we can go to “Edit Menu” or “New Menu Item”. With

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Resources on hosting

This article will explain individually what each resource item means. Free site/shop – Click HERE to read more about it. NVMe SSD – space on your account. It includes everything on your account as much as you have available for your site, database, email, literally everything on your account. Bandwidth – bandwidh is the amount

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cagefsusingtoomuchspace .CageFS using too much space

.CageFS using too much space

CageFS is part of CloudLinux. And in every cPanel account, among the “hidden” folders, there is also a .cagefs folder that is used to store temporary files. This may seem like a problem if you notice that your account is running out of space even though the site is only 200mb, for example. Temporary files are created

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builderorgutenberg Page Builder or Gutenberg

Page Builder or Gutenberg

Page Builder is a plugin/add-on that allows easier creation of content on the page and visually. The most popular of all is Elementor. Gutenberg is a built-in page editor in WordPress itself. What is better? The word better is not really the best use here because every better has its good and bad points. In this text we

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hotlinkprotection 1 Control of website traffic

Control of website traffic

Although traffic is unlimited or not a problem nowadays due to various site optimizations and the possibility of increased traffic, it can still be an issue for a website. One of the main problems, even though it is unlimited, is quite simple: it means that something is not working or that someone is abusing your

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