What is the best hosting for a marketing agency?

What is the best hosting for a marketing agency?

First of all, there are several types of marketing agencies, and the one we are addressing is the one that actually deals with the creation of websites, and that is the one that will benefit the most.

Why are the needs of a marketing agency for website development different from any other agency or person who also wants to have a website? In fact, the agency assumes that it has several active clients with whom it cooperates, and therefore that it knows at all times that the site is safe and that it does not have to think about it. While any individual probably has one site and only cares about it and can devote full attention to it, while the agency has several sites and when they don’t have to think about hosting and the site itself, then it’s a much easier circumstance and then the results are much better.

What does good hosting actually mean when the offers are similar here and there?

Package features. Although hosting providers’ offerings are seemingly similar, the differences can be huge. What is not visible at first glance are the resources of each package, i.e. CPU, RAM, number of processes, number of files, amount of writing/reading on the disk and the like. All this is of crucial importance for every site because it actually means the speed of reading the site and the ability to handle the number of visits at the same time.

LiveChat support. Also, in addition to those technical features of the package, what is not considered the most important at first because it is usually said “what will support do to me if the site works”, in fact, that is where the trick lies because what will happen when the site stops working for any reason? Is it a problem with hosting or with the site itself, if it is with hosting, how quickly will they solve the problem because as an agency, clients call you and their site is not working, what are you going to do? If the problem is with the site itself, you need information on what to do next, how to fix it as soon as possible? Therefore, the support is the most important in the whole story, even more important than the features of the package itself.

High uptime and fast sites. Although the speed of the sites is implied, it is not really the case in reality. A huge number of the biggest hosting providers (such as hostgator, godaddy…) still use HDD space for websites, which is the worst possible solution and slows down the server. Also, all servers run on apache, which is several times slower than modern LiteSpeed. In our offer, we do not even use SSD, but use NVMe SSD, which is 3 times faster than ordinary SSD, and use LiteSpeed ​​Web server, which is several times faster than Apache. When we add strong servers to all that, the 100% uptime we have is not at all surprising, and the speed is already at an enviable level.

Backup. Regular backup is crucial because in any unforeseen situation, whether the site crashes due to a new update or some random error, it can be easily and quickly restored with the help of a few clicks. In addition to the daily backup, we store it for up to 2 months.

The conclusion of this chapter is that good hosting is fast, reliable, always available and with good support.

Why should the agency choose HostGistic?

First of all, because we are a reliable hosting provider. The comments of our clients, of which we currently have almost 2000, speak for it. Also support we are the only ones in the region to have LiveChat support available every day even during holidays and weekends. What support can you contact at midnight on the new year and get an answer?


As an agency, you want to make the most of it and make the most profit possible. There is also an Affiliate option where you get 10% of every hosting purchased, so you can host your site for free or you can use the money earned from the affiliate to pay for the hosting and you can keep it for yourself from the client for the hosting price.

Premium themes and plugins

Although this is perhaps one of the most important items according to our clients who have an agency, I would still refer to the others, but premium themes and plugins are not a small matter.

Imagine every client who wants you to do their website you know you have a premium theme just because you bought the hosting you have to buy anyway plus you get 10% on top of that. And it costs you nothing even much less because our prices are the lowest of other providers.

See the Premium and Free pages.

If you are an agency that needs a reliable hosting provider, with support that is always available and with fast servers, then you are in the right place. Test us and get ready to be delighted!
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