Which is better: one site on one hosting or multiple sites on one hosting?

In this article, we will focus on the pros and cons of both cases.

One site on one hosting account


  • Faster performance
  • Higher security as no other site compromises the security


  • Lower earnings for the developer for the hosting cost

Multiple sites on one hosting account


  • Higher earnings for the developer as the hosting cost is already included in the price of development


  • Significantly lower security as one infected site can compromise all sites
  • Each site consumes a certain amount of resources, leaving fewer resources available for other sites.

Still not sure what’s best?

If you are a person/agency involved in website development, it is in your interest and in the interest of your client to put one site on one hosting account so that everyone is satisfied. Because you never know what can happen with a site. If the client requests access to their hosting, then in that case, you still have to transfer the site to a separate account to give them access. Which is extra work.

If you maintain sites on your account and there are multiple sites, then it is not a bad savings, as you maintain them and know what they need, and thus it is far less of a problem when you are involved in the daily operation of the sites.

If you have started building websites and do not have years of programming experience, then without a doubt, the recommendation is one site on one hosting account.


We also have an affiliate program where, for each hosting account, the agency/developer receives % that can be used for hosting account renewal services or to reduce the hosting account price.

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