Guaranteed first place on Google!

This post is written to dispel the misconception about ranking and to prevent various so-called experts from promising you the moon and the stars while taking your money.

From a conference and one of our most famous SEO experts, we can learn that a position on Google cannot be guaranteed under any circumstances!

Why can’t the position be guaranteed?

Because even Google itself cannot guarantee the first position. So what can an SEO expert actually guarantee? They can only guarantee, and I emphasize ONLY, better ranking and nothing more than that!

Can a website be on the first page no matter what is typed in?

No. It is not possible in any way. SEO optimization is done exclusively for specific keywords to improve ranking. If you are involved in painting work, for example, you can choose “cheap painting services” or “unique painting services”. You can aim for the first position on Google for such things but not for everything related to painting work.

Choose a direction you want to pursue and push it through content and meta tags for better ranking!

What does SEO optimization actually mean?

SEO optimization essentially means creating content and meta tags tailored for specific keywords. That is, for a specific sphere, which refers to the narrowly specialized field of your business. If you have a company with 5 areas, it is important to choose the most important one for you and try to reach the first position with it!

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