5 Things That 5G Will Enable

5G is expected to be 100 times faster than current wireless connections, even faster than Google Fiber. Such high-speed connections and fast response times bring new possibilities.

Unfortunately, the development and rollout won’t happen before 2018. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t think about what could happen when 5G finally arrives.

Here are some things that will be possible with 5G:

Games and new experiences

Gaming and virtual reality will be possible wherever you are, whether in a café, on the beach, or in a basement. With a 5G network, you’ll be able to do all this without any lag.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said at MWC that we won’t have to wait long for the development of virtual reality when 5G actually arrives. Imagine what you could do with such speed. For example, a game connected to a 3D model from Street View, where you can walk and do incredible things in the real world.

Self-driving cars

5G networks have incredibly fast response times, which are more than enough for self-driving cars. It will also be very useful when cars communicate with each other.

Can you imagine streets without traffic lights or queues? Intersections without congestion and collisions? By that time, every car will be covered with cameras and sensors. Even if an incident occurs, every car present at the moment will be a witness.

Remote surgery

While remote surgery exists today, with a 5G network and no lag, it will be possible to perform operations at very distant locations. Lag is one of the main problems when it comes to wireless surgery. Imagine world-renowned experts being able to perform operations from an “office” anywhere in the world, making the best possible healthcare available to everyone.

Video conferences as if you were present

Of course, with faster internet comes video conferencing. While the current internet is fast enough for a decent conversation and video call, with 5G and, for example, 4K resolution on a large screen, it will look like you are really there. If holograms develop in the right direction, the possibilities are endless.

Even with the current fast internet, lag creates significant problems. When someone talks from the other side via video link and you interrupt them, lag causes waiting and reduced understanding. With a 5G network, all that goes away.

Web speed like in the movies

If you watched “The Amazing Spider-Man,” when Peter Parker starts a Bing search and gets an automatic page load. Even with the fastest internet connection today, loading a site is not that fast. There is always some time needed, especially when a video or image gallery is involved.

When it comes to downloading movies, you could download a full HD movie in just a few seconds instead of the current half-hour wait. Pretty cool, right?

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