Transfer domain to HostGistic

Domain transfer involves moving a domain from one registrar to another, i.e., where you want to pay for the domain. Domain transfer does not mean changing nameservers.

To transfer a domain, you need to obtain the EPP code from the current registrar in order to order the domain and initiate the transfer.

  • Domain transfer is not possible for expired domains.
  • Domain transfer is not possible without an EPP/Authorization code.
  • Domain transfer is not possible for a domain that is not yours.

You can check the domain transfer price in the table:

Please note that if you renew domain in less then 65 days and then you want transfer you will need to pay transfer but provision registrar may not refund you transfer fee.

How to get the EPP/Authorization code?

You can request the code where the domain is registered in the client panel. With most registrars, in the client panel (not cPanel, but the client panel), among the domain options, you will have the EPP/Authorization code and unlock-lock options.

By clicking the button to request the EPP/Authorization code, the code will be sent to the domain registrant’s email address.

To fully transfer a domain, the domain needs to be unlocked and you need to obtain the EPP/Authorization code.

For obtaining the code and transferring from some larger registrars, follow the instructions below:

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