To create a Subdomain in cPanel, you need to access the cPanel itself and find the Domains option.

cPanel Tools 10 How to create a SubDomain in cPanel?

Next, we go to the button Create a New Domain as if we are creating a new domain or adding a new domain, only in our case, it is a Subdomain.

cPanel Domains How to create a SubDomain in cPanel?

Note: You need to have a package that allows creating subdomains and additional domains to have this option.

Now we create our subdomain as in the example below

cPanel Domains 1 How to create a SubDomain in cPanel?

The red square is actually our subdomain that we create together with the domain as in the example.

Yellow indicates that sharing the root document with the main domain is unchecked. This is essential if you want to have a separate website on that subdomain or anything separate.

Finally, click on Submit, and we have completed the creation.

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