eM Client setup

As one of the popular Email clients, eM Client is as easy to set up as other clients (except Outlook, which is full of bugs).

So let’s begin. First of all, if you are here, it means you have downloaded and installed the client. At the beginning, after the installation, you will see the following screen, but at this point, you should not click next. Instead, click on “Mail” below.

emclient1 eM Client setup

Here you are offered the most popular mail servers – Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Exchange, and other. Choose “Other”; nothing special will happen, it will just become slightly grayed out, and then click next.

emclient2 eM Client setup

After choosing “Other” in the previous step, in this step, enter your email address, as we did in our example.

emclient32 eM Client setup

This step is crucial because you decide whether to download emails to your computer or keep them on the server.

POP3 – If you download emails to your computer, there will be no danger of your hosting account getting filled with emails and getting blocked, thus suspending your site.

IMAP – If you keep emails on the server, you can set up an email client on your phone and another computer, then synchronize via IMAP and see emails everywhere, unlike the first option, POP3, where emails are only on your computer, and that’s it.

Besides, there is another essential item, which is the email server. Enter mail.yourdomain.something instead of our domain in the example, mail.hostgistic.com. So, use your domain. If you are unsure, contact support.

emclient42 eM Client setup

In this step, the outgoing email is set up similarly to the previous one, but the configuration is identical.

emclient52 eM Client setup

Here, the system checks if everything is okay, which will be the case in 99% of cases. It will report that everything is fine, as in our example. If not, the “Fix” button will appear, and the system will try to solve the problem. If it still fails, contact us on live chat, and we will try to resolve the issue.

emclient6 eM Client setup

The last step regarding setup is your name and account. Your name is essential because it will appear in the email when you send emails. The account name is not crucial; it is just for you to differentiate between multiple email accounts.

emclient72 eM Client setup

Here, just click finish, and that’s it.

emclient8 eM Client setup

Pretty simple, right?

For any questions and concerns, feel free to contact us on live chat.

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