Abuse hosting

What does Abuse hosting mean? It means that your website hosted on our servers is violating some rules, such as sending spam, posting malicious code, or any illegal content or engaging in illegal activities.

In case an official complaint is filed by the data center where we rent servers or directly on our website, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Account review to verify the claims in the complaint and whether your account indeed violates the rules.
  2. If true, temporary suspension of the account and contact with the hosting package owner; if the owner doesn’t respond within 24 hours, we will assume they are aware of the violation and proceed with permanent suspension.
  3. If the hosting package owner responds within 24 hours with an explanation and a response to the complaint, we will act according to the rules and proceed with further dialogue between the complainant and the account owner. In this case, it may result in the removal of the disputed content if it concerns content or account suspension if our rules have been violated.

Keep in mind that we are not a legal institution and cannot determine whether someone is violating rules regarding registered names, patents, and the like. Courts in our country and worldwide have jurisdiction over such situations. If you have such complaints, you need to file a lawsuit against the person who violates your rights, as we cannot do anything with this abuse complaint.

The account will be suspended, and the presentation will be removed only if you receive a valid court decision stating that the person violates your rights and that the court requires the presentation to be removed.

Abuse domen

Please note that with domain abuse, as with hosting, we cannot determine whether someone is violating rules and patents or has registered a protected name. In this case, we can only revoke the domain if we receive a valid court decision to cancel the domain or transfer it to the owner who has the rights to it.

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