What is Addon Domain and Aliases

An addon domain is a feature available in cPanel that allows you to host multiple, separate websites under one hosting account. With an addon domain, you can create a completely new website with its own domain name and content, while still using the same hosting resources as your primary domain. This is a convenient option for website owners who want to manage multiple sites without the need for separate hosting plans. To create an addon domain, you’ll need to register a new domain name and then add it to your cPanel account, where you can manage its files and settings independently from your primary domain.

On the other hand, an alias domain (also known as a parked domain) is a domain name that points to the same content as your primary domain. Essentially, it is an additional domain name that directs visitors to your main website. This can be useful for branding purposes or to capture traffic from common misspellings of your primary domain. In cPanel, you can easily set up an alias domain by adding the new domain name and configuring it to point to the same directory as your primary domain. This way, both the primary domain and the alias domain will display the same content to visitors.

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