Setup Email Mozilla Thunderbird

You can download the Mozilla Thunderbird email client at this link:

After installation, you need to open Account Settings, which can be found by clicking the three lines icon immediately below the ‘X’ where you close the program.

Three lines > options > Account Settings

When the window opens, click on Account Actions in the bottom left corner and select Add Email Account.

A window like the one in the image below will appear.

Fill in the following:
Your name: Your name if it’s a personal email or the company name if it’s a company email.
Email Address: The email address for which you are setting up the client, which you previously created in cPanel. In our case, it is [email protected]
Password: The password you entered when creating the email address in cPanel.

mail1 1 1 Setup Email Mozilla Thunderbird

Then click on Continue.

When the next step appears, click on Manual config, and a window like the one in the image below will appear.

mail2 1 Setup Email Mozilla Thunderbird

As you can see in the image, you need to add “mail” to the Server hostname because it probably only has a dot followed by your domain without the “mail.”

Add mail.yourdomain.tld to be in that format.

The username is only the first part without @yourdomain.tld; enter the entire email address, as shown in the example. Then click Re-test.

Once the program tests the settings, the setup is complete.

In the image below, you will see the SMTP settings as well.

mail3 1 Setup Email Mozilla Thunderbird

As you can see here, the Server name is; don’t touch the PORT, as it is set automatically.
Connection security is SSL/TLS, which is automatic because every website on our hosting has free SSL.

If, for some reason, it doesn’t work, try changing the values here and then send an email to yourself on Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or any other email you use. The Authentication method is Normal password, and the username is the ENTIRE email address again.

That’s it!

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