Setup Email Client

Connecting an email client to an email server, checking, and sending email accounts.

Connecting is quite simple, regardless of the email client in question; they all have the same setup!

Our recommendation is to use the MailBird email client because it is simple and bug-free, unlike, for example, Outlook Express. Another choice is Mozilla Thunderbird. Try both and use the one you like more.

Where the server entry is, enter: mail.yourdomain.tld Where the username entry is, enter YOUR email address, such as: [email protected] Where the password entry is, enter the password you set when creating the email address.

This applies to SMTP, POP3, and IMAP.

Some email clients will automatically set the server name, for example, for SMTP, they will set smtp.yourdomain.tld, and you should change it to mail.yourdomain.tld Also, for the username, they automatically enter only the first part of the email address, in our example “Admin,” instead of the full email address [email protected]; you should, of course, correct this.

Avoid using automatic settings and instead set them up manually and check what is entered for Servername and Username.

The ports for email are:

IMAP, 143
IMAP (SSL) 993
POP 110
POP (SSL) 995
SMTP (SSL) 465
SMTP (TLS) 587

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