How to Activate Memcached in WordPressu?

To speed up your site, sometimes it’s not enough to just activate a cache plugin and expect some magic. You also need to choose a caching method. In addition to Memcached caching, you have Redis, and we also have server caching that allows WordPress sites to run much better than on other hosting services.

Set your site to run on PHP version 8.1. If you don’t know how, contact our support team, which is available around the clock!

To activate Memcached on WordPress, you need an add-on, and we have chosen the most popular one, W3 Total Cache. Of course, you can use any plugin you want for this purpose. Some work better, some worse, so test several and see which one gives the best results. You can test site speed with

Page cache

memcached How to Activate Memcached in WordPressu?

Once installed, click on General Settings, and below you will find a huge list of settings, the first of which is Page Cache.

Click Enable, then select Memcached from the drop-down list and click Save All Settings.


mem1 How to Activate Memcached in WordPressu?

Here we look for the Minify section, where we check Enable and choose the Memcached caching method. Keep in mind that minify changes all HTML, JS, CSS code and puts it in a single line. Here’s an example of how it works:

<title>Some Example</title>
... . .... 

prebacuje u kod:

<html><head><title>Some Example</title></head><body>.....</body></html>

This is done with all code, so while this is a great idea and should work in most cases, enabling minify may cause your site to malfunction or some parts to break.

Database Cache

mem2 How to Activate Memcached in WordPressu?

For this option, check Enable and then select Memcached from the drop-down menu. Don’t forget to Save All Settings to make sure we haven’t missed anything and that we’ve saved everything.

Object Cache

mem3 How to Activate Memcached in WordPressu?

Check Enable and then select Memcached. Save, and that’s it.

Fragment Cache

mem4 How to Activate Memcached in WordPressu?

When you select Memcached from the drop-down menu, click Save All Settings.

All of this falls under basic setup and cache method selection. Of course, there are more options beyond this basic setup. In addition to free options, there are premium options that this plugin offers for an extra fee, which will further speed up your site.

Besides this plugin, there are other plugins that enable Memcached caching and will help you speed up your site in one or more ways. We tested with these basic settings and got excellent results, only with the basic settings and no additional configuration. If you have the patience to study each option, it will certainly help you achieve incredible results.

Once you’ve completed all of these basics, you can click on any of the mentioned options from the left-hand menu, and then under Advanced, you’ll find additional settings like in the image below and can test if the caching is working.

mem5 How to Activate Memcached in WordPressu?
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