How to activate/install SSL?

Basic SSL is free for every domain on the hosting account. It is sufficient for 99% of websites. SSL is installed automatically on our hosting for every domain on every hosting account every morning at 6 am. It is also renewed if the previous one has expired. In that case, you always have an active SSL.

How to install SSL?

You can install SSL in 3 clicks by logging into cPanel and then clicking on SSL/TLS Status.

cPanel Tools 7 How to activate/install SSL?

When a new page opens, you need to check everywhere you have a red padlock next to the checkbox and domain, and if it’s all, check next to the word Domain to check everything at once and click on the Run AutoSSL button.

cPanel SSL TLS Status How to activate/install SSL?

When you have done that, you will see that AutoSSL is in progress… which means you have to wait a little from a few seconds to a few minutes. When it’s done, you have successfully installed SSL and instead of a red padlock, you will see a green one. As in the picture below.

cPanel SSL TLS Status 1 1 How to activate/install SSL?

You have now completely finished the SSL installation. Now you need to create a redirect so that everyone who visits your site opens it automatically with SSL, i.e., with HTTPS instead of HTTP.

For WordPress, change the site from HTTP to HTTPS instructions.

Redirection to HTTPS (SSL) instructions.

In case your site does not show a padlock, it means that something on the site is still loading with HTTP, so in that case, follow this guide on how to get a padlock. (it’s no longer green, that was a year ago)
Keep in mind that SSL is also very important for ranking on Google. Also, Google blocks everything that loads from HTTP if the visitor is redirected to HTTPS since December 2019.

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