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Joomla Hosting is the right place for your project. Packages that have what every CMS needs most. New PHP versions, proactive protection against hacker attacks. Auto Installer that allows you to install your favorite CMS in a few clicks directly from the panel.

Simple Joomla Hosting

Sign up for a Joomla hosting solution that will delight you with its speed and reliability. The account is activated in a few seconds, there is also the possibility of a free trial period without any payment. You don’t need to worry about setting up and installing Joomla, it comes with an auto installer that you can install with one click.

Have another Joomla hosting question? Feel free to contact us via LiveChat, professional support will help you immediately.

What is Joomla?

Joomla is one of the most popular CMS solutions for both individuals and corporations and is completely free.

In this sense, many Joomla users have improved Joomla by adding functionality and options through various plugins and allowing others to use them. Which has led to huge popularity and scalability where you can completely modify the site according to your requirements.

Joomla has a large forum community and many who want to help and still use this CMS. Although it is not as popular as before and is not being developed, it still has its community of loyal fans who still participate and work on it.

Joomla power?

Joomla is an excellent CMS that has a powerful framework in it and contains 3 main components:

  • Components: This allows you to display things on the site. The main part of the site, ie the body from the menu to the footer.
  • Modules: Modules allow additional content in the header, menu, footer, sidebars and similar.
  • Plugins: Also known as extensions where it allows users to make content changes depending on the permission as well as the plugin itself.

Why Joomla?

What is a plugin in WordPress is an extension in Joomla. In the offer, you can find thousands of extensions that will allow you to easily modify or expand your site.

It’s a great solution for companies that don’t have their own IT expert to help them organize their website. Because the interface is intuitive and will allow even completely inexperienced users to create a very nice site.

Super FAST WebHosting

Features that are essential for any website.

ssl 3 Joomla Hosting


Free SSL included automatically for every domain on hosting.

litespeed logo 1 Joomla Hosting

LiteSpeed Web Server

One of the best web servers in the world at the moment. It speeds up your website like no other add-on or solution before.

email Joomla Hosting

Reliable email

We take care of spam and irresponsible clients in order to maintain maximum quality and clean IP addresses.

backup Joomla Hosting

Auto backup

Regular backups are crucial when it comes to websites, you never know when they might come in handy

php Joomla Hosting

PHP versions

You choose what PHP version you want to use.

images 2 Joomla Hosting


Premium protection with Imunify360 and ImunifyAV for your account. The safest place on the internet.

npm Joomla Hosting

NodeJS + NPM

NodeJS and NPM for profesionalls and true JS developers.

wpcli 1 Joomla Hosting


Developer friendly. WP-CLI Already included on your account.

composer Joomla Hosting


Developer friendly. Composer like wp-cli  already avaliable on plans with SSH access.

transfersajta Joomla Hosting

Free transfer

Free transfer of your website the same day. Without any interupts or downtime.

livechat Joomla Hosting

LiveChat Support

Always available 7 days a week, 365 days a year, LiveChat support for both hosting and website issues.

usage Joomla Hosting

Huge resoursers

On every package you get huge resources at your disposal. More than 90% of users do not even reach half of the available resources on the account.

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