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Drupal Hosting is the right place for your project. Packages that have what every CMS needs most. New PHP versions, proactive protection against hacker attacks. Auto Installer that allows you to install your favorite CMS in a few clicks directly from the panel.

What is Drupal?

Whether you’re a blogger, a growing business, or a small local store, Drupal gives you the ability to create your own site for free and customize it just the way you want it. In today’s sea of CMS solutions, Drupal stands out as one of the best and most up-to-date with regular updates that will help keep your site safe and modern.

Drupal is open source and allows anyone to try it completely free of charge. Originally created as a forum application, but soon expanded as a website that will have various options and extensions for each type of site.

Drupal Getting Started

Drupal’s first version was released as Drupal Core. You can find various advantages in Drupal Core that you see in other CMS solutions. Some of the most basic ones are user registration, menu, themes and plugins. You will see that it is possible to use Drupal CMS to create basic websites, business websites, one or more blogs as well as communication websites. It is possible to expand and upgrade it with over 16,000 plugins.

Why Drupal Web Hosting

Drupal is most often compared to Joomla!, WordPress, and Concrete5, but each of these platforms is special and different in its own way.

As such Drupal is best for sites that expect significant growth in a short period of time. Which makes it the CMS of choice for large media houses, big brands, universities as well as online stores. By the way, many government websites are powered by Drupal.

Drupal is also known for its high score in flexibility, allowing companies to run a wide range of scripts through a Drupal installation. Of course, if you need a simple web application, you can choose, for example, Joomla or a simple blog, then certainly WordPress, but if you need at least a little more, then there is Drupal.

Drupal CMS development and growth

as we mentioned earlier, Drupal is primarily a forum application. The open-source CMS platform was originally created by Dries Buytaert, who is now the owner of Acquia, a 300-employee company that specializes in supporting the Drupal system.

Despite its shaky start, Drupal is used by more than 2% of sites on the Internet. Open-source Drupal is owned by the Drupal Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes the platform.

In terms of the Internet, Drupal was created to support a wide range of content on the Internet.

Advantages of Drupal Web Hosting

There are a number of reasons why many website owners choose Drupal over any other alternative, here are some of them:

  • It provides one-click installation
  • Continued development and frequent updates make it a reliable CMS for everyday work
  • It is extremely flexible and adaptable to various needs
  • It is designed to work quickly and with a large amount of content
  • It is highly customizable and used by some of the biggest sites like eBay and Harvard
  • Its modules increase flexibility and expand the site with one click
  • It has advanced settings of users and their permissions

With so many positives, choosing Drupal to power your site seems like a logical step. But keep in mind that knowledge of PHP is required to cover all the complexities of this CMS.

Drupal requirements

Buytaert designed Drupal to run on a linux server. With a minimum of 15 MB of free space, of course more space is needed for the site content itself. When installing Drupal, you need to make sure that the database and the site itself are on one server. Although this is not a minimum requirement it is highly recommended as it will make a big impact on your site’s loading speed.

A moment of decision

Thanks to our servers, the Drupal site will load much faster than the competition and without any measurement, the difference is visible to the naked eye.

If you are still in doubt, start a free trial period and run your Drupal site and see the quality.

Super FAST WebHosting

Features that are essential for any website.

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Free SSL included automatically for every domain on hosting.

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LiteSpeed Web Server

One of the best web servers in the world at the moment. It speeds up your website like no other add-on or solution before.

email Drupal Hosting

Reliable email

We take care of spam and irresponsible clients in order to maintain maximum quality and clean IP addresses.

backup Drupal Hosting

Auto backup

Regular backups are crucial when it comes to websites, you never know when they might come in handy

php Drupal Hosting

PHP versions

You choose what PHP version you want to use.

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Premium protection with Imunify360 and ImunifyAV for your account. The safest place on the internet.

npm Drupal Hosting

NodeJS + NPM

NodeJS and NPM for profesionalls and true JS developers.

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Developer friendly. WP-CLI Already included on your account.

composer Drupal Hosting


Developer friendly. Composer like wp-cli  already avaliable on plans with SSH access.

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Free transfer

Free transfer of your website the same day. Without any interupts or downtime.

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LiveChat Support

Always available 7 days a week, 365 days a year, LiveChat support for both hosting and website issues.

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Huge resoursers

On every package you get huge resources at your disposal. More than 90% of users do not even reach half of the available resources on the account.

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