CDN – Settings

In this part, there are two settings, one for setting up and the other for setting up CloudFlare.

Whether or CloudFlare is better cannot be answered concretely and precisely as it largely depends on your website.

In the following text, the setup for both and CloudFlare is written; choose what is better for you.

Quic.CLOUD setup

Please note that is still in beta at the time of this writing.

litespeed19 CDN - Settings

Set the first option to ON. We skip the Use CDN mapping.

In the continuation, we also skip the options and leave them as they are already set.

litespeed20 1024x764 1 CDN - Settings

In the continuation, we still do not change the options.

litespeed21 CDN - Settings

Load JQuery Remotely: you can try to set this to CDNJS, but keep in mind that you need to test the site afterward to check if it works; this is crucial.

Setting up on website

Setting up CloudFlare CDN

The first thing is to leave the CDN option CDN on OFF because we will use CloudFlare.

Here we go OFF.

litespeed35 CDN - Settings

CloudFlare API here we go ON.

litespeed36 CDN - Settings

In the first field, Email Address, enter the email address with which you are registered on CloudFlare.

Global API Key can be found at the link:; you need to be logged in to beforehand.

litespeed37 CDN - Settings

When you click on View, a popup will appear asking you to enter your password and solve the recapcha to confirm it’s you.

litespeed38 CDN - Settings

After clicking View again, the key will be displayed, which you copy and set up on your website.

After that, click on save changes, and you have connected CloudFlare.

litespeed36 1 1024x223 1 CDN - Settings

After that, when you click on Manage in the CDN option, you will get as in the picture below.

litespeed39 1 CDN - Settings

Here you can clear the entire cache from CloudFlare by clicking on Purge Everything if you have been working on the site, and enable Development Mode if you are working on the site and do not want it to be cached while working on the site.

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