LiteSpeed Cache Settings – Excludes

litespeed12 LiteSpeed Cache Settings - Excludes

If you want to prevent certain pages on your website from being cached, you can set it up here.

Do Not Cache URL: In each row, add a URL that you don’t want to be cached on your website

Do Not Cache Query Strings: Enter parameters that will not be cached

Do Not Cache Categories: If you need to avoid caching a category on your website, you can add the entire category here. This can be useful if the category changes frequently, and in this case, instead of purging the cache often, it’s better to add the URL here until everything is finished.

litespeed13 LiteSpeed Cache Settings - Excludes

Do Not Cache Tags: same as with the category.

Do Not Cache Cookies: If you want certain cookies not to be cached, you can list them in this field. (ex Affiliate cookie or some ads)

Do Not Cache User Agents: If you want to display non-cached pages when a visitor visits via a specific user agent, you can specify it here.

Do Not Cache Roles: This is a good option if you are testing and want to see how everything works. If you check it as an administrator and you are logged in as an administrator, the server will not display cached pages but dynamic ones instead.

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