Dear clients and those you plan to be. First of all, let us briefly introduce ourselves to new visitors who have not cooperated with us so far.

We are a small hosting company that has quickly become recognized in our region as a reliable hosting partner for online business and the only one that has support every day from 9 am to 12 pm on weekends and holidays.

What are we introducing now?

An exclusive offer of our clients who buy our hosting is that they get a free site in packages from Standard and above. Depending on the package, there are even greater benefits, so let’s go in order.

What do I get with Standard?

With the Standard package, you get a site completely ready for your online presence, such as a blog, company presentation, in fact anything you want to show others and present yourself to the world.

With Standard, in addition to the free site, in some sites you get Astra Pro, which costs $300, and Premium Addon Unlimited Addon for Elementor, which costs $250 per year if you buy it yourself.

What do I get with Advanced or Business?

With the Advanced package, you have the option of getting a free site or store of your choice from the examples offered.

The store you receive comes ready with the woocommerce plugin, as well as basic SEO optimization, a set email for sending and receiving orders, as well as cash on delivery.

With the Advanced Package, in addition to the free site/store in some sites, you get Astra Pro, which costs $300, and you also get the Premium Unlimited Addon for Elementor, which costs $250 per year if you buy it yourself.

What do I get with Agency?

With the Expert package, in addition to what you get as in the Advanced and Business packages, you also get:

  • Schema Pro worth $250 is a professional SEO tool that automatically maps your site and what you do on it to get your site as high as possible and in a better position on Google.
  • Convert Pro worth $300 a plugin used by all major blogs and stores to set up Subscribe on their site and increase conversion/sales.
  • WP Portfolio worth $200 an add-on that you can use as a portfolio of what you do and what you do.
  • Unlimited Addon for Elementor $250 regardless of site/store example.
  • Astra Pro worth $300 regardless of site/store example.
  • WP ALL worth $300 Import + Export Pro Package
    + Import Pro
    + Export Pro
    + ACF Export Add-On Pro
    + WooCo Export Add-On Pro
    + User Import Add-On Pro
    + WooCo Import Add-On Pro
    + ACF Add-On Pro
    + Link Cloaking Add-On Pro
    + Toolset Types Add-On Pro
    + Gravity Forms Import Add-On Pro
    + Gravity Forms Export Add-On Pro
  • Divi PRO theme gift value of $250
  • Divi.Express the value of the gift is $700.

Total convenience with the Agency package: $2550 if you buy it all yourself, and with us you get it with hosting.

What comes with each package?

Unlimited support always available 24/7. Support that is there for advice and guidance at any time for you and your site.

A couple of clients who set up their site/store using this offer:

The entire offer is valid for one site that you choose as you wish. More additions coming soon.

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